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PR guru turned sleepwear designer Anna Bäck talks us through a Swedish summer in Ambra Maddalena.


* Anna wears the Andy Dress in White on top of our Gigi Bikini.
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Hey Anna! We absolutely love, love your new label BONETINE, tell us all about it and where we can find it? 

    Hi Ambra, Wow , thank you so much for your kind words!

Bonetine is a Swedish luxury sleep and loungewear   brand, born out of love for pyjamases and great quality. Our products are made in 100% silk, so the quality and weight of our silk is at the core of Bonetine. We pay great attention to detail and go the extra mile to make sure the product is the best it can possibly be. We invest huge amounts of time on each and every product.

Sustainability is also very important to us, therefore we only make products we truly believe in, as well as produce in small production runs to reduce excess and waste. The Goya and Bardot pyjama took almost two years to develop; because, the product isn’t finished until every last detail has been perfected. You can find Bonetine at and @Studiobonetine on instagram.

How have you spent your lockdown and what is the most important thing you have done/ learnt?

We havnt had a lockdown here In Sweden, yes very very controversial. But me and my family have been very carful and respectful to the society, in my opinion. Keeping our activities to a minimum and staying home as mush as possible.

Most importantly we have learnt that health and family is the most important things in life. In general I hope that people become more humble. We’re in this together, so let’s stay together.

Where are you right now and what can you see outside your window?

Right now I’m in my kitchen in our home in Stockholm. When I look out of my window I see snow, we are in the middle of winter and the month of the year that I like the least. The storm which they call ”Ernst” has just blown in and I’m dreaming about traveling, sun and Aperol Spritz.

We know you love to spend Midsummer in the Stockholm Archipelago (is this what its called? Thanks google!) Can you talk us through a perfect 48 hours there? Where you would sleep/ eat/fika?

That is absolutely correct, Stockholm Archipelago, and yes spending Midsummer weekend there is absolutely amazing and as Swedish as it gets. The dream is to spend this weekend with your dearest friends and family. At midsummer the sun never sets, this sounds strange but its absolutely true. Here in the north its very dark in the wintertime with approximately 7 hours of daylight during December- February then it gets ”lighter and lighter” every day with the ”top” on midsummer, like mentioned, the sun never sets. On midsummer it turns and becomes darker and darker.

First of all you decide with whom and where you will celebrate midsummer, in the archipelago people have their country houses. Midsummer falls in the beginning of the Swedish summer, and we all hope for sun and ”warm weather”, with warm I mean around 20 degrees celsuis.

So let’s say you have decided to celebrate with your closest friend that lives on an Island not so far from your house, and some other close friends coming from the city. People arrives after work on Thursday and arrives in time for a cocktail and BBQ dinner. Friday is Midsummer Eve, you start with a refreshing morning swim and a coffee by the water. Then breakfast and preparations for the day, if you hosting midsummer your food preparations started a few days earlier. If your the guest then you enjoy your morning and if you want you start making flower bands for your head.

Either the guests starts to arrive at 12-ish or you prepare to go for your celebrations and taking this tripp by boat is very common. If you are taking your boat, a little picnic to enjoy during the trip is very nice. When you arrive/ guests has arrived its mostly common to start with lunch. For lunch its most common to eat a buffet, with Swedish ”delicacy’s” - meatballs, Salomon, Swedish fresh potatos, harring and cheese. To this it’s common to drink beer and something we call ”snaps” with is spiced brandy. So yes you can get a little ”slippery” during lunch.

After lunch its time to ”dance around the midsummer pole”, this is most commonly organized by a bunch of people living on the island your on so its free for everyone to come and attend. This is the place where you bring a picnic with ”Fika” - coffee, strawberry cake, some rose wine, beers, what ever beverage you prefer for a few hours of picnic and hangout time.

Well back in the house, many of these houses are by the water which is beautiful, you can play some games, go water skiing, wakeboarding, relaxing, what ever you feel like until dinnertime. Which most commonly is BBQ. Then the evening comes with music and party until last man is standing. You will stay over in a guest house/ room or in your boat.

The day after you wake up, have a little morning swim, coffee by the water, breakfast. Just easy. Then the dream is to gather the ”party” and go for lunch at another island, in a nice restaurant. You pack up a little picnic with refreshments to enjoy during the boat ride. If its hot you can stop and take a swim from the boat. After lunch on the way back you can make a pit stop to buy Ice cream on another island.

Back home, you enjoy a little nap, a swim or just some time for relaxation. Then again its time for dinner, most commonly a BBQ again. You and your guests are for sure tired from the evening before but if you have the energy, you sit up and have a nice ”dinner part” feeling. For me this is the prefect 48-hour midsummer dream.

Whats next for you and BONETINE?

Next up for me is the most exciting time in my life so far, me and my husband are expecting a baby girl in the beginning of April and we are above excited. Next up for Bonetine is launching a new style in time for summer. This is also really exciting.