About Ambra





 My vision for AMBRA MADDALENA was to create pieces for a girl like me.

A girl that doesn't follow trends, but a girl that dresses up for the day she is about seize.


 A collection may come about from a colour, a moment of nostalgia, a day dream.

I would often loose a day dreaming of setting sail on the Med, a billowing dress engulfing me as the wind whistles by - and so I would I create it.

The next day I would dream of a bold print covering me head to toe - and so I would create it.

Now I indulge in creating uniques pieces for #TheCoolGirls like you.

AMBRA MADDALENA is in its 3rd year of growth and has since been invited to Splash Paris, Australian Fashion Week (three times), Miami Swim Show (voted in the top 6 brands that showed in 2019 by W magazine), worn by Kylie Jenner, Shanina Sheik and Kate Walsh.

Seize every day.


Ambra x