After 3 months of launching Ambra Maddalena, we were asked to show at the 2019 Australian Fashion Week in Sydney.

The sheer scale of preparation needed to ensure that your brand is at the top of its game for this event was overwhelming. 

A few obstacles presented them selves but overcome with determination and perseverance.

I needed to ensure that our brand had depth and creditability whilst maintaining the look, professionalism and assurance of a company that had been around the block. 

I was very fortunate to have my friend/sound board/assistant/model/saviour Stef with me on the day to allow the meeting with buyers and media to run as smoothly as possible.

We were not sure what to expect on the day and how a day at one of the global trunk shows would work.

Our showroom was next to P.E Nation, Pared Eyeware and Fella Swim - just to give you an idea of the pressure I felt to make sure we made the most of this experience. 

We ran the week of adrenaline and prosecco alone...thanks MBFW. See you in 2020, this year we are showing in London!